Classic Black: BOWIE TRIBUTE (with bridge wire)

Classic Black: BOWIE TRIBUTE (with bridge wire)


This is my interpretation of David Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane album cover. Each lightning bolt is uniquely coloured with hues of orange and yellow that blend beautifully into the black background. The effect is kind of subtle – but hey, how subtle can a lightning bolt on your face really be? 


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Hand-made, hand-painted, 3-layer fitted face mask. Now with in-built bridge wire.


I use a mix of cotton/polyester fabrics to create these unique face-fitting masks, and this model has Organic Cotton Jersey as the inner layer – so it's soft and gentle on your skin. The fit is comfortable, and there is a good amount of space inside (doesn't sit against the mouth). Other masks that I have tried tended to make my glasses fog, so I have designed these to fit snugly across the bridge of the nose with the help of sewn-in safety wire. The masks are held in place with 6mm elastic, so they're easy on the ears too. See the Fitting Guide for more information.


The masks are made with three layers of material, to meet current health recommendations. The inside layers may vary in color, depending on what material is available at time of production, but that's why you're choosing to buy a handmade product. All cloth is hand-cut, then sewn with a Vintage PFAFF sewing machine (circa 1968). Is vintage, is good.


All material is washed prior to production. See the Product Care section for more information.


Face masks are mailed within Australia via Parcel Post, typically the next business day after your order has been received. I can also post internationally.



  • Product Care

    Cold hand wash only, using a mild liquid detergent. Air-dry folded, on a flat surface. Do not machine wash. Do not machine dry. Iron folded on a medium setting if required. Material colors and hand-painted elements may fade over time.

  • Fitting Guide

    Tired of fogging up your glasses when you wear a face mask? The bridge wire sewn into these masks will help to minimise 'glasses fog' when the mask is fitted correctly.


    I have found the best way is to take your glasses off, fit the mask to your face, placing the elastic behind your ears, and then shape the bridge wire across the bridge of your nose. You should only need to do this once. Finally, put your glasses back on, making sure the bridge wire sits BEHIND the bridge of your glasess.

  • Disclaimer

    SecureCrayon does not recommend the use of these homemade facemasks when surgical masks or N95 respirators are available. These face masks should only be used in non-surgical settings when the healthcare provider (HCP) will be more than 1.5 metres from a symptomatic patient. HCPs should NOT use these face masks when there is:

    • Significant exposure to liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids
    • A high level of infection risk through inhala tion exposure
    • A high-intensity heat sources or flammable gases.



    • These homemade facemasks are not surgical masks or Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFRs).
    • These face masks have not been tested for fluid resistance, particulate or bacteria filtration efficiency, differential pressure, or flammability.
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